Excerpt from Chapter Three

Circumstances by L. D. Bergsgaard

Excerpt from Chapter Three:

The tropical sun burned harshly on my raw face. Hungry crabs
nibbled at my toes – I’d be an overwhelming meal unless hundreds
more arrived to help the dozen that had begun to devour me. Both feet
flopped in the sea as the waves crested on the sandy shore. I’d made it
through the night and into the early morning. My bruised head mercifully
rested in the wet sand where the tide and waves had deposited
me along with thousands of seashells and litter from passing fishing vessels.

A rough hand gently shook my shoulder. “Mister Doc, Mister Doc,
you okay?”

I recognized that voice. Hoping that he hadn’t beaten me to heaven,
or hell for that matter, I opened one eye, just a bit, a narrow slit. A
brown man, with skin the texture and color of old tobacco leaves and
face deeply furrowed from over sixty years in the sun, bent over me. It
was Lambert who knelt at my side. He shook me more vigorously. I
turned on my side to avoid the scorching sun and his efforts to bring me
to complete consciousness. Death would be a sweet and preferable outcome.
Lambert’s dugout canoe rocked against my feet. Lambert shook
me again. He smelled of the sea and old sweat. He leaned over into my
face. “You all right Mister Doc? Where’s Doctor Gold? Your boat?”
His breath smelled of tobacco and fish. I began to retch. Too much salt
water. Too much pain. Too much adrenaline. And then the smell of
tobacco and fish. I sat up and vomited.

Excerpt from Chapter Two

Circumstances by L. D. Bergsgaard

Excerpt from Chapter Two:

The air in my vest brought me to the surface. By reflex alone, I took
in the sweetest breath I’d had since clearing my mother’s birth canal.
Bobbing, I threw my head back and pulled air in until my chest ached.
Never had the process been so satisfying. But ecstasy was soon replaced
by reality.

I began a slow assessment of my predicament. Nearly two miles offshore.
One fin. No air. Growing dark. Broken and bleeding. Thunderstorms
forming overhead. On the wrong side of the barrier reef.
Bleak would be optimistic.

But more importantly, who were those men and why did they take
Jenny? And who was this man called Don they were going to see? No
answers and a long swim, I began with the first stroke. I settled into a
rhythm, counting a dozen strokes, then resting for a ten count. It was
during one of the early ten counts that the vision of Jenny’s frightened
face appeared. She was screaming, but no sound came out. Her face
contorted like the surreal figure in Edvard Munch’s The Scream. I cut
the rest to a five count to shake the vision.

Excerpt from Chapter One – “My side of the story”

Circumstances by L. D. Bergsgaard

Excerpt from Chapter One – “My side of the story”:

To my left, the rifle barrels pointed at my face appeared larger
than the sun silhouetting the two armed uniformed men. To my right,
Jenny looked at me through the diving mask, her eyes, large and helpless,
pled for an answer – from me. I had none.

“Come aboard, please join us.” A third man in a pale blue guayabera
shirt spoke in a manner that suggested an invitation albeit at gun point.
With the graciousness of a genteel host, he gestured towards the aluminum
ladder banging against the side of the rocking boat. A Honduran
flag flew stiffly on the mast behind the straw hat which partially
concealed his face. That hat and the preposterously large sunglasses
made him look like a cartoon character drawn by a street artist on Fisherman’s
Wharf. It occurred to me that I should know him but I didn’t
or at least under these unpleasant circumstances couldn’t put a name on
the shaded face.

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Please join me at the Society of Southwestern Authors Santa Cruz Valley Chapter Seventh Annual Local Authors’ Showcase on Saturday January 24th at eleven a.m. I will be reading from Where the Best Began and signing books. Look forward to meeting you all!

What others are writing about L. D. Bergsgaard’s novels

What others are writing about L. D. Bergsgaard’s novels

Kirkus Reviews: Where the Best Began: June 1, 2012
“Regardless of whether one suspects Bergsgaard of heavily romanticizing his your, these are emotionally engaging episodes of childhood that evoke the odyssey of a 20th –Century Huck Finn. Bergsgaard’s writing is suggestive of an oral storyteller with impeccable timing and taste; his language reflects the great American vernacular at its more lean and direct.”

Kirkus Review: Next Year in Jerusalem: August 10, 2011
“A fast-pace, informed action/adventure story that holds the reader’s attention from cover to cover.”

“This novel elevates Bergsgaard to the level of the great espionage writers, the likes of John Le Carre and Fredrick Forsyth.” Ned Lord, Book Editor of Green Valley News of Next Year in Jerusalem

“There are writers who aspire to be cops and there are cops who would like to become writers. Rarely is either successful at both. If he was as good at law enforcement as he is at writing, Bergsgaard would appear to be the exception.” Bill Henry, Author

“I read it with real pleasure. I liked all of the gritty energy!” Mary Gardner, Author

“The author’s extensive investigative experience as well as love for the outdoors is quite evident … you will not be disappointed with this book.” J. Lindquist, Special Agent, Retired

“Renaissance Man … undercover operative, SWAT team commander, horseman, author. Add’em up and you get Larry Bergsgaard. His unique writing style has a tint of Jack Kerouac melded with Stephen King, but it’s all Larry.” Scott Dyke, Reporter, Green Valley News

Park Rapids Enterprise
August, 2011
While Others Sleep is a thrilling page-turner that will keep the reader guessing until the last page.”

“I have read many of the top bestselling books … and this is just as good.” Terry Thompson, reader

“What a pleasure to read the beginning of this exciting book. So nice to work on something this well written.” Mary Louge, Editor/Author